Design #03 (Kokopelli, Hiked it--Bitched the Whole Time) Another version of a hiking Kokopelli that was created by one of our staff (Jesse).  This design is normally purchased for someone in the group that needs reminding that hiking should be fun.
#01 and #02 (Kokopelli-Hiked it--Liked it) 01 is Center Chest & 02 is Left Chest. There are many meanings given to this symbol.  Kokopelli represents fertility for some and seed planter by others.  Kokopelli is a very prominent petroglyph figures shown from South America and throughout the soutwest.
Design 05, (Shaman-Guards) The figures represet a shaman in the center offering a blessing for the two warriors at his side.
Design #04, (Raindancer)  A  shaman at seed planting time to bring rain and good harvest for their crops.  The cloud and raindrops are represented off the left arm.
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Design 06,  (Hand-Sun)  There is not a lot written about the hand other than "I was there". The spiral shows emergence from the underworld and the sun is depicting happiness.
All Designs Available as
CC (Center Chest) or FLC (Front Left Chest)
Design 03,  (Opposing Kokopellis) Our first design and still going strong. One of the most prominent symbols seen on rockart.  The flute or pipe is typical with some saying flute and music, others saying a pipe and smoke.
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